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What is Remote Viewing?

Accessing your authentic source of inner knowledge & perception for growth, discovery, exploration & practical information



Remote viewing is a powerful, teachable, paranormal technique that was developed at Stanford Research Institute and was used by our government for 20 years. When one remote views an object building, a person or an event, one can get a sense of actually being there. One can see and hear the event or person even if it's 20,000 miles away, or even in the past! 

Medical remote viewing can give extremely accurate diagnoses and assessment that might even rival an MRI. The detailed accuracy and specificity of remote viewing is sometimes staggering! 

Remote viewing is a discipline that heightens your awareness of your subtle senses & intuitions. It can be used for personal growth and spiritual development. Remote viewing's potential for growth, healing and exploration is huge. Think of all the billions of things, people and events in this world that could be remote viewed for positive benefits. (see: "uses of remote viewing")

Remote viewing is an energy-intensive -- sometimes initially tedious -- step-by-step procedure, that takes about an hour to do. You start by working with very basic experiential "fragments" of taste, textures, sounds and colors, etc. 

In RV, you don't immediately jump into a psychic, spiritual or "new age" realm. It is rather a gradual discipline that teaches you to make fine discriminations in your experience, so that any experience you do have is more likely to be untainted by your fears and hopes etc., and hence is more real and reliable.

Your experience can be fascinating, growth producing, with  high, detailed resolution, depending on what you're remote viewing and how deeply you go. Of course practice makes you a much better viewer. Remote viewing is a perfectly safe procedure when taught correctly. 

Because of the unparalleled accuracy and specificity of remote viewing, It is not an exaggeration that it is one of mankind's greatest tools and greatest frontiers. Consider LEARNING if you consider yourself (or want to be) a pioneer or explorer of new worlds and new frontiers, or if you just want to get practical information. 



Remote viewing is a "psychic" technique that takes about an hour to do.  A better word for it is remote sensing, or clar-sentience.  It takes advantage of the apparent omnipresence of mind. The mind apparently can witness any event, thing or being in our universe. Once you are “bilocated,” you can instantaneously shift contact or awareness from a distant galaxy to an ancient event on Earth. Bilocation means part of your awareness is where you currently are and part or your awareness is at the “target” object or event.  There is probably nothing that potentially can’t be remote viewed, including God.

When you have “target contact” you can see, smell, taste, feel, and hear the target. If the target involves people, you can feel their feelings and sense their thoughts. You can do what is called a “deep mind probe.” (These should be done with the target person's permission.) Medical remote viewing can give extremely accurate diagnoses and assessment that might even rival an MRI.

The detailed accuracy of remote viewing is sometimes staggering.  The long process really pays off, and it can be absolutely exhilarating, astoundingly uplifting, and sometimes exhausting. The blood really flows to you brain. People who claim to be as psychic as a rock can become excellent remote viewers.

Remote viewing  heightens your awareness of your subtle senses and intuitions.  It teaches you to make very subtle distinctions between the real contact, your imagination, and your intellectual overlays or interpretations. Making these kind of subtle determinations helps enhance the other areas of your life.  RV is an easy-to-learn, easily repeatable step-by-step procedure.  Once you deeply remote view a spiritual being like the Buddha or the Christ, you are never quite the same! Please find out more about this new frontier to be explored!



Remote Viewing -- Possibly One of Mankind's Greatest, Most Powerful New Tools Using the Mind and Spirit

Developed at Stanford, Remote Viewing enables you to accurately experience, sense, feel, see, taste, smell, hear and describe, detailed and accurate information on any event, person, being, place, or object that has ever existed, does exist, or will exist. That is, you can accurately experience and describe events, people and objects, present, past and future. (It can take days just to grasp the implications of this!)

Small groups of people are currently being trained by professionals to do remote viewing rapidly and effectively. In addition, a team of the top remote viewers are being assembled to work on various projects.

Remote viewers describe and locate people, events, objects, cultures, and information, thousands of miles away or twenty-five years from now, because your mind can transcend space and time. Use it for growth and healing, to explore your emotional, religious and spiritual world. Obtain practical, accurate information on your own  life, medicine, the economy, environment, missing loved ones, objects or data.  Remote view, for yourself, the signing of the Declaration of Independence, TWA flight 800, ET activity, or biblical events, global changes 10 years from now, changes in the stock market, where a nuclear explosion will next occur, loved ones who have died, distant galaxies, microprocessors, cellular mechanisms, effects of drugs, alternative timelines, (e.g. what will happen if an operation is performed and what will happen if it is not), future lives etc. The questions is, what is remote viewing not useful for? You name it and it seems to be able to be viewed. Remote viewing should only be done with the awe and respect of our own true nature, the true nature of the universe, and the true nature of our fellow man, as well as the true nature of "God". This is not a religious belief, but a natural result of our own sensitive perception during the process.

Remote viewing's potential for growth, healing and exploration are largely unexplored. It is not an exaggeration that it could be one of mankind's greatest tools and greatest frontiers. Consider taking this training if you consider yourself (or want to be) a pioneer or explorer of new worlds and new frontiers, if you want to develop your spontaneous intuitive skills and hence your trust in your intuition, if you want to experience part of the true inter-relatedness of things, if your curious about everything, if you want a practical skill that gives you practical information, if you want to explore new uses for remote viewing in medicine, technology, psychology, religion, if you want to find out what your defenses are, or if you want an exhilarating experience beyond what you ever imagined
Doing remote viewing puts you in touch with a part of yourself you may have never been directly in touch with. It is a discipline that teaches you to stay totally with your subtle senses in a pure and innocent way, without "jumping in" too quickly with your intellect and imagination. It offers the potential of a very deep way of integrating spirit, mind, and body, especially when combined with other disciplines for growth. (e.g. meditation, prayer, yoga, martial arts among many others).  Remote viewing may totally and positively change and expand your view of consciousness and reality. (Suggested reading: Mind Trek by Joseph McMoneagle, Cosmic Voyage by Courtney Brown, and Remote Viewers by Jim Schnabel

Just about everyone seems to be able to be trained to do it. It does take a lot of energy, and you'll find the blood really flowing to your brain.

Advanced, Medical, psychological, and therapeutic remote viewing are also taught. Some remote viewers are actually working on transferring technology from other civilizations to our own. Remote viewing's potential for ethical use in medicine, healing, growth, is beyond anything you might have previously thought.

Historically, remote viewing was developed at Stanford Research Institute for the army and Defense Intelligence Agency. It was used in a secret espionage program for 20 years. Protocols have now been refined to allow trained remote viewers consistent detailed accuracy. Remote viewing could be considered a distant cousin to some other psychic disciplines, with the main difference being the extremely high and consistent accuracy. "Teams" of remote viewers can approach 100% accuracy! A single remote viewing usually takes about an hour or more. During this time, one can become "bilocated" and have strong "target" contact with all of one's senses which can be exhilarating. One does not go into a trance, "astral travel" or "channel" an outside force.

Skeptical? Remote viewing (remote sensing or clar-sentience) is a serious, real technique that is easily verified after one "hits" several verifiable "targets" getting detailed non-vague information, in real double blind conditions.  New controlled research, actually set up with help of debunkers and magicians, will be available showing highly significant results. Old research at Stanford Research Institute has now been declassified. Also new research is coming out in major peer-reviewed journals, suggesting how the brain can access quantum fields through the "microtubules" in the neurons.  In some ways the scientific skeptics and debunkers have become most susceptible to the psychological mechanism of denial.  Remote viewing is now a robust easily repeatable and quickly demonstrable phenomenon.

Individual or class instruction are offered for those who want to explore and discover the fantastic new uses of this technique. It is asked that your remote viewing skills be used ethically ("view unto others as you would have others view unto you") and include using remote viewing, at least in part, for the betterment of humanity.  A sense of responsibility seems to come naturally with the attainment of this new but inherent and natural "power." This is not a cult for "true believers" or a psychic network, but an opportunity of a lifetime for clear, honest thinkers.
At present, there are only about 2000 remote viewers in the world and just a handful of places to learn. There is some potential for an "explosion" of remote viewing in our society which could help deeply change it. Remote viewers are doctors, electricians, physicists, construction workers, stockbrokers etc.  Dr. Wayne Carr, the instructor is a licensed  psychologist, with a background in meditation, Gestalt Therapy, critical thinking, neurofeedback and respiration training etc. (His professional role, responsibilities and ethical obligations as a licensed psychologist are kept separate from his role as a remote viewer and instructor.)


Definition 4:

By Jon Baklund

Remote Viewing is related to the soul and what we can do to integrate this aspect of ourselves into our daily lives.

Remote Viewing is a rediscovery of a way to access our souls and to ignite our intuitions. We are very fortunate that it has been brought to the forefront in an age ... when we don't burn witches or chase people who quest after knowledge. This is why we need to grab hold of it and use it for the good of humanity before those times befall us again. 

RV is a method of accessing your intuitions  --   you know, those feelings that we call gut reactions, your first thought about something. Have you ever heard someone say trust yourself? Did you trust yourself? You should, because when it comes to those kinds of reactions chances are you're right. 

In RV, we sit down with a pen and paper and describe a target with our first reaction or feeling about the target. There are specific procedures that a person follows during an RV session.  This is the dialogue between you and your soul. Now when I say soul I mean ... the other part of yourself, the unseen, but felt. You know, your soul. 

So why Remote Viewing? Because it gives us results in a few hours. After you learn the basics you are ready to do your first practice session. Even in that first session you will see that you began to describe something, that you had no idea of what it was. 

This is so powerful, I watch people and what I see is wonderful, they get a smile, they start to think, even if they come in as a believer they are still amazed at what they just did. I also see people get scared, because of what they did, because now everything they have learned all their life needs to be thought about again, re-evaluated. 

This is why this is a powerful tool for change in our world. It affects people; when people are affected they think and when they think they evaluate, and when they evaluate they change, maybe slowly at first, but a little change does occur and that is where it all starts.