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The Western Institute of Integral Remote Viewing 17 Years of Professional  Integral Remote Viewing


Dr. Wayne Carr  Founder & Director
Lecturer, Philosopher, Psychotherapist, Spiritual Teacher, Author

Benefits of Remote Viewing
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What is Integral Remote Viewing & How does it Differ?

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New!!  Samples of 5 minute Remote Viewing sessions!   See what can be remote viewed in 5 minutes!

New!!  Video showing TV show of one of Dr Carr's Remote Viewing Workshops

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WE originated:

since 1997, A major PIONEER in:

  • Psychological Remote Viewing (PRV)

  • Medical Remote Viewing (MRV)

  • Remote Healing (RH)

  • "Walk in your shoes" technique

  • Innovative New Advanced Remote Viewing Techniques 

  • Superior Teaching of Remote Viewing in a Shorter Period of Time. 



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